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How Can a Website Help My Business?

Do I really need a website?

The short and direct answer is YES. There aren’t many business’s nowadays that can thrive without a web presence. There is no reason not to have a website with all of the options we offer that help you get started. A professionally designed custom website built by us can be a highly effective marketing tool that can provide a cost effective way to reach your intended audience. There is literally a TON of benefits and very few downsides.

Ten Things a Website Can Do For You (Just to start)

Here are our top 10 reasons you should get started.

  1. Creates a Professional Web Presence.  

    Your website can help establish you on the world wide web. Social media is great and has its place but a website shows you are truly in business. It can communicate your brand value and inform prospects and clients of ongoing changes and growth to your business. Services and or products  are organized and shown in a simplified way.

  2. Contact & Communication. 

    There is literally a thousand ways someone can contact you nowadays. A website makes it easy to contact you through any of the communication channels you want to use. This allows people to go to one location in order to contact you and learn more about your service, product, and business.

  3. It Builds Trust.

    People want to feel comfortable with who they do business with or who they purchase products from. A website allows you to show these prospect your business history, experience, expertise, and product selling points. Being transparent on your website allows them to build the trust and comfort level they are looking for.

  4. Sell Products Online.

    If your business is selling products then you can build your own virtual store in order to replace a store front or compliment one as an alternative option. E-commerce websites can be much more cost effective then a physical location.

  5. Customer Convenience.

    Give people the ability to interact with your business in multiple different ways. In todays world it is literally mandatory for you to make your business mobile friendly and cater to any form of interaction. Anything less means a click on the “X” button and on to the other business.

  6. Get Seen on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex & DuckDuck Go). 

    Search engine optimization (SEO) could get you landed on the leading top pages. This in the long term can generate huge exposure for your business.

  7. Utilize Social Media. 

    You can link your social media to direct people to your website in order for them to obtain more information about your services or in order to generate a sale. Social media has its place, but a website is a hub for all of your media traffic to be directed and given a clear funnel to follow.

  8. Websites Provide Long Term Success.

    As of 2021 4.66 Billion people used the internet (59.9% of the global population). In the United states that number is even higher at 90%. If you do not have a website you are literally leaving money on the table. With the emergence of companies like Meta, Oculus VR, the Metaverse, and web 3.0, now more than ever the ability to grow and profit online is immense.

  9. Websites Are Less Intimidating Nowadays.

    Modern website platforms such as WordPress the worlds leading website platform have allowed builders into their platform such as Elementor and Elementor Pro (The best in our opinion) in order to make the process of developing a website faster and easier for the DIY users. Like to do this yourself? We have a free website design checklist to help get you get started (click here for the checklist). We would love to make your website but we are truly honest and want the best option for you. Yes, you can take this on yourself, or you can let us handle everything for you. The choice is yours and that is a beautiful thing.

    Learn More About How To Make Your Own Custom WordPress Website

  10. You Can Benefit From Starting a Website Without Spending a TON. 

    We know there are very cheap ways to “build a website” nowadays like Wix, but really how do you benefit from those and what are the limitations? WordPress base software is Free and has unlimited growth potential. Therefore we have an option and solution for you in the form of our FREE website design service (Learn more here). This allows you to have a custom starter site built by us on the worlds leading development platform.

We hope that you enjoyed this post and that we helped you understand the amazing possibilities of having a website. Please share this article if you feel someone else can also benefit from our information. Below are some icon links that will help you do that in a snap. Also follow us on our social media pages and become a part of our pod for quick tips and some website design entertainment! See you in the waters!

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