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WordPress Hosting, Security, Maintenance & Speed

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Dedicated WordPress Hosting, Maintenance & Support

Unfortunately, hackers are targeting more WordPress sites every day. Now that WordPress is the #1 website platform worldwide, website security is a significant issue. We take the responsibility of staying up-to-date on the latest WordPress maintenance issues, core updates, & plugin compatibility issues for you. Our expert WordPress maintenance & development team have deep knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem, plugins & integrations for your specific security requirements.

This is why here at Cianic a website maintenance plan is mandatory. We will not take on your business website design without a monthly maintenance plan. We have plans that fit all budgets and specific to your website requirements. See pricing here. 

We are determined to protect your website long-term and our honesty and integrity are unmatched. If your site goes down for ANY reason (even due to client error), we will restore it for your business for FREE.

Hacker protection from Cianic

All-In One WordPress Hosting, Security and Maintenance

Our pod of hunters are here to monitor, protect and secure your website

Secured Hosting

Shared servers optimized for your WordPress website.

HTTPS / SSL Certificate

Google mandated and client approved trustworthiness

Security Monitoring

Powerful technology that keeps your site from being infested.

Security Updates

Vital monthly updates performed by WordPress professionals

Daily Backups

Full daily website backups with 100% restore capability

Speed & Performance

Top speed performance monitoring for fastest load times


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WordPress Hosting, Security, & Maintenance FAQs

Website hosting is the service provided to your website in order for it to exist / live on the world wide web. It is physically a large collection of computers known as a server. The server then allows you digital space within it (at a fee) in order to “host” data, pictures, code, and the system that makes up your website. Its like the digital real estate or land that your website sits on top of. Without it the internet would not exist. 

Website security is just what it sounds like. It is the process of securing your website in the digital world. Good website security will protect you from hacking, fishing attacks, code holes, server vulnerability, email spam, and fulfill all search engine and payment gateway security protocols.

Website maintenance is the process of maintaining site performance at its most optimal level. It involves regularly checking your website for issues, correcting any issues, and making updates. Just like a car or house without regular maintenance your website eventually wont work without it. Also the cost’s to fix issues after they have occurred can be astronomical.

The short answer is yes you need all three. This is why we package our services into one convenient monthly payment. You need good hosting in order to even exist on the web, you need good security so you don’t get viruses or hacked, and you need good maintenance so your site doesn’t break. All three must also be performed on a monthly basis in order to keep up with the fast changing digital world.

Implementing all three services on a monthly basis is the most effective way to prevent your website from becoming damaged or hacked. Every hour every day that your website is down and not functioning properly is costing you money.

No, your website is fully operational while we maintain its internal operating system.

  • Hosting
  • Security monitoring
  • Plugin & Theme Updates 
  • Offsite Backups
  • Malware removal 
  • Hack protection
  • Performance optimization:database optimization, page speed optimization

Every website is different therefore we offer a custom monthly plan that fits your website and business needs.

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